Friday, February 11, 2011

Let There be Light!!

So we were curious as to how the lights would look in the rooms, since a few of them will be on. I need to iron out exactly the rest of the back story so that I can really figure out how I want the lights and whatnot, but I do think I'm going to stray away from the blood and guts in fear of looking too much like CSI's miniature killer.
The light we used was a small LED flashlight that we quickly learned was nowhere near the type of lighting we actually need. The lights are outstandingly bright and have way too strong of a cone shaped light. Everything is just so harsh. We talked to the good people over at Bull Street Station, the miniature train store, and they explained to us we were looking at getting LED bulbs that are the size of a grain of wheat or rice. Those are crazy small little bulbs. I'm going to have Stephen explain the general idea of the electricity and the construction of the building in his post. That all being said, I took pictures of some of the lighting and it's really dynamic and I thought I would share. Again... ignore pikachu.

The last picture here is just no lights, just a general idea of the layout thus far and how light hits it without limitations.

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