Monday, January 31, 2011

Floor Plans and Pictures

I have posters, pictures, beer, pizza, magazines, newspaper, coupons, axe, menus, asian screens and floor plans!
There are also lists of all the other tiny things I have to make for each apartment. The building is still in the works, BUT it will be done shortly!
Carpeting and other cloth was picked out and purchased today as well as tile/linoleum flooring that I patterned in photoshop.

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Frat Pad

So my updates have been slow because I'm having picture problems and I felt it was much less impressive without pictures, however I do have a JPG file. I've been making a lot of things for the bachelor pad and started on the asian objects too. I have floor plans and elevations and whatnot coming in the mail from my lovely interior designer/pre-pro girl, Jennifer Mark. I'll have those to show in a few days. For now I have labels for beer and axe cans, pizza boxes and the design for the asian screen which was printed on an opaque gold shimmer paper.

Monday, January 24, 2011

The Zombie Apacolypse...

The city has been evacuated for the zombie apocalypse, that's the setting for the short. There is going to be a detailed front of an apartment building that opens up to reveal 6 apartments (two on each floor like the example on the left). Each apartment was rented by people living completely different lives and tells the story of them based on how and what was left behind. The tenants were the old cat lady, the nerdy tech guy, the frat-boy bachelor pad, the homey couple, the oriental couple, the business woman by day/s&m enthusiast by night.

Based off each apartment, the viewer should be able to piece together the story of each tenant's life. In the short film put together, the music in the background will flow yet have a different flair corresponding with each room.

Next Project...

No worries, Mexico has not been forgotten, there will still be updates about the completion soon, but in the meantime, a new project is in the works.

The new project is based in a dark urban setting, very bare and deserted. The city has been evacuated last minute, leaving evidence of life around every corner. The scene starts outside a deserted building, a red searchlight flashing in the background accompanied by an evacuation siren. A light flickers on and the camera moves through the doorways of a building revealing the lobby then it raises up to reveal different floors one at a time. I plan on making several different miniature scenes showing different lives of the people who once inhabited the places and tie them all together in a short video.

A big inspiration is Alan Wolfson's miniatures, but I am going to break from just doing storefronts and interiors and work on more residential as well.