Monday, January 24, 2011

Next Project...

No worries, Mexico has not been forgotten, there will still be updates about the completion soon, but in the meantime, a new project is in the works.

The new project is based in a dark urban setting, very bare and deserted. The city has been evacuated last minute, leaving evidence of life around every corner. The scene starts outside a deserted building, a red searchlight flashing in the background accompanied by an evacuation siren. A light flickers on and the camera moves through the doorways of a building revealing the lobby then it raises up to reveal different floors one at a time. I plan on making several different miniature scenes showing different lives of the people who once inhabited the places and tie them all together in a short video.

A big inspiration is Alan Wolfson's miniatures, but I am going to break from just doing storefronts and interiors and work on more residential as well.

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