Sunday, November 15, 2009


So I decided to start drawing some more concepts. I drew one based purely on Roman ships, mythology and art that I really like. It's just a rough concept but it's kind of cool... I think I'm going to color it in just to have it pop even more. It needs more on deck and some more things in the back to balance it, but it's just a work in progress. Here's what I have so far:

Wednesday, November 11, 2009


After talking to Joe for awhile about Influenza and why I was doing it, we both realized that I was spending a lot of time on something that was going to benefit me very little. If I want to be a model maker, making a film is not going to help me. Why use real pigs when I can use puppets? This was a question I've had since April but most people said it made no sense to use puppets when real pigs were available. Of a ten minute film, there would ultimately be one minute or so that would even be considered for my demo reel. That seems like a lot of extra work for something that wont help me. I'm not a story teller, a filmmaker, or an effects artist. Yes, I can composite okay and that's ultimately my fall back plan if for some reason I can't what I want or something closer to what I want. Rotoscoping isn't hard and no one wants to do it, so there's always that option...

So I ultimately decided not to proceed with the project and instead do several smaller projects. At the moment, I'm entertaining some of the following ideas:

H1N1 PSA - I've spent all this time on Influenza, why not use some of the work I did to create a little PSA? It could be motion graphics, stop motion, miniatures and just some fun little things I can composite all together to create something fun and exciting or maybe even plain scary. Get your shots, kids, or you're gonna turn to into swine!

Airship - Okay, so this was an idea I really liked when I was developing concepts back in the beginning of the year. I didn't proceed because I couldn't think of a good story. I don't need a story, I can just make it fly and do a turn-around. This big, gold ship is modeled after greek mythology. The gryphon head on front caws to ward off enemies and instead of sails, its graceful wings flap through the air. I just think it would be cool to make something mechanic and metal since I usually make soft, hokey or natural.

Armored Animal - I always wanted to make a fur puppet. I know they're hard to work with but it'd be an ode to the founders, to Harryhousen and O'Brien. My interest in making metal things and making things look majestic and powerful is where the armor comes in. I'm liking armored leopard...

Crustaceans & Scorpions - I realized that these critters would make beautiful yet simple little puppets. Because of the way they are structured, each joint separates different parts of the critter making it easy to break down. Instead of having to worry about skin, fur, feathers and anything else that may get in the way, these can be made of little pieces that fit into each other like puzzle pieces and joined together between each piece. They would essentially be made up of ball-and-socket type joints. It's be an easy puppet that if planned correctly could be made in under a week.

Other than that I know I want to make a set of some sort, but I'm not sure what. Maybe something destroyed, maybe the slums of Brazil, (think of The Incredible Hulk landscape as a miniature) maybe even a haunted house or cool building. Still not sure here.

I'm happy though, I'll have variety now and I don't have to worry about everything fitting together stylistically.

Sunday, November 8, 2009

New Script and Some Progress

I finished my new script the other day and Met with my Producer Andrew McClelland to go over what our next steps are and try attempt to secure a DP. I have to redo the animatic now which will take some time, but I'm sure that by Tuesday I'll have a lot to show.

Now that the new script is finished and the story has much more suspense and twists, we can finally move passed the writing... I hope!

Friday, November 6, 2009


My cousin and I drove around Bryan county looking for a swine farm. After asking a couple of other farm owners, we were pointed in the direction of a swine farm. After driving through suburbia for awhile, we saw some pigs on the right side of the road. I promptly pulled over, despite the fact they were black pigs, potbellies I presume. "Beggers can't be choosers" I said to my cousin as we walked over to two men cutting a metal barrel. It was slightly sketchy, so I was glad I wasn't alone. I spoke to the simple man about my movie and my need for pigs. He pointed to the other side of the road to a bunch of PINK pigs running around in the brush. That was EXACTLY what I needed. I had found my farm, and the man could not have been more excited that his pigs were going to be in a "moooovie." I'm going back to see him soon with some of my crew so that they can have a better idea of what we're working with.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Another Rewrite

After finishing my animatic and going over it with Joe, we agreed that the story needed a little umph. It was missing some key components to drive the action that much further and bring the audience to root for the protagonists. I really think this rewrite will help it a lot. Now about that writers block...

Also, I am still working on the cast. The casting office is not responding to me and they are not open often so I'm going to go again when they open Thursday. They let early yesterday, so I missed them - oh joy.

Hopefully my cast and crew fall more together soon.

Sunday, November 1, 2009


So I finished my storyboards and made my animatic. They aren't high quality drawings, but that's not the point. It was to see timing and get the general idea of shots. It's about 6 minutes now. I know there are some breaks in the sound, I had to add some pauses that I didn't anticipate in the soundtrack. That's not the final sound/music at all so I'm not concerned.

At least I have this out of the way. I'm also currently having difficulties posting it for one reason or another, so bear with me.