Friday, November 6, 2009


My cousin and I drove around Bryan county looking for a swine farm. After asking a couple of other farm owners, we were pointed in the direction of a swine farm. After driving through suburbia for awhile, we saw some pigs on the right side of the road. I promptly pulled over, despite the fact they were black pigs, potbellies I presume. "Beggers can't be choosers" I said to my cousin as we walked over to two men cutting a metal barrel. It was slightly sketchy, so I was glad I wasn't alone. I spoke to the simple man about my movie and my need for pigs. He pointed to the other side of the road to a bunch of PINK pigs running around in the brush. That was EXACTLY what I needed. I had found my farm, and the man could not have been more excited that his pigs were going to be in a "moooovie." I'm going back to see him soon with some of my crew so that they can have a better idea of what we're working with.

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