Thursday, February 10, 2011

Calculations: Round 1

Sorry, sorry for not having updated sooner but I'm about to post a few in a row to catch up... minor camera/computer difficulties, no worries.
Thank you to the lovely Jennifer Mark, I got some wonderful floor plans, apartment layouts and some very confusing but ultimately very correct measurements. Anyway, Stephen Bodiford and I went to work making things to the scale everyone had decided on, which was 3/4in = 1ft. I went to work crafting all the photos, labels, etc. as you have seen in the previous posts as well as starting in making all 6 beds. I calculated all of the measurements of everything using my scale ruler so I knew everything had to be right (in theory). Well Stephen went ahead and cut all of the wood for the apartments based on Jen's drawings and had it all ready to put together when we realized how large the bed I had made actually looked in the apartment. I had told Jen to make each apartment as close to a foot wide as possible, so that I could keep it a reasonable size. Turns out, when you ask the designer to do things against norm, you sacrifice things... like space. The apartment she drew came up to be a little over 300 square feet. That's tiny, itty bitty tiny. Since at this point time is of the essence, Stephen drew up the new plans which worked well for him since hes building the "dollhouse" itself. The new plans are twice as large which yields an enormous project, but still not quite as big as Mexico (still haven't forgotten about it, I ran into difficulties filming). I'll let you see what we had first and then you can see what we're working with now.

That's about how far I got with the beds, I had pretty much completed this one when we realized the size problem.

That's the floor plan that Jen had made. You can see the bed parts in the background (Queen Size), so you understand the footage problem we were having. All the lines under that carpet that's going down, are walls. It was very small, compact even.
The video above is much of Stephen's hard work cutting and fitting the first run of the apartments. I set it to Hyperdrive, enjoy.

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