Friday, February 11, 2011

Calculations: Round 2

I'm glad we decided to make the apartments bigger instead of making my scale smaller, because most dollhouse scales work off 3/4in = 1ft, so if I were to use any prefabricated items as a base, they would not be the right scale, nor would any of the minis that I had already finished. So after all that cutting and tongue and grooving... it was all done over so everything looked pleasing and not so cluttered.
The one problem we did run across was the long hallway and dining area. Originally there were double door size entryways leading to the living room and the hallway. Unfortunately the way it was set up, there was no logical traffic pattern once I added the furniture. We knocked down the dining room walls and shortened the entry "hallway" to make a great deal more room for furniture. It's a very open floor plan, which works wonderfully with all of the set ups, it's just hard for me to recompile my ideas based off the completely different floor layout style. It had become much like a studio apartment.
The pictures below are the walls and rough flooring of the apartments. There are going to be cabinets over the gaps in the kitchen area (the notepad is a space holder), metal door jams (or something like it), trim, window treatments and doors. There's also going to be a whole lot of things in the apartments, and I'm really excited to film my process of putting each of them together.

The quarter is to show you the general size of the bed and apartments. If you haven't noticed already, this stuff is really really tiny. The couch now has pillows and no pikachu (don't ask, I needed something amusing for scale). The fridge also isn't finished, so Don't worry I know this isn't exactly motivating as far as my actual talent goes. Baby steps, my friends. Keep in mind that this is only 1 apartment of the 6. All the apartments are going to fit into the outer shell of the building but I'll have a demonstration of Stephen assembling it, when the time comes.

Okay now I didn't tell you I had finished the beds did I? Well based on what you know about the tenants, see if you can guess whose bed is whose. They're cluttered, yes, BUT that's part of the challenge.

Also, for those of you wondering what any reference to "the cave" may be... it's my little workshop, where the wonderful world of little tiny things are made. Glance into my world.

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