Monday, September 27, 2010

Building the City

I started drawing out some house designs based off of pictures of Nogales. It's a terribly decrepit city so not all of the houses are all there and none of them are very big, or fancy. They're generally earth tones with some reds and bright blues mixed in (the kind of blue that you find cheap pools painted with).

I decided to build the base of the landscape with pink foam and build it up. I need to start creating the houses first so I know how to shape the landscape, but I'm trying to think about what materials would be best to build them with. I think some of the roofs would be really cool using the corrugated part of corrugated cardboard (you know, so it looks like those aluminum spanish houses). I don't know if making the houses out of cardboard is my best best. I'm trying to do this low budget but I don't want it to look cheap. I did learn some cool tricks at Charged though. Will glued sand to the outside of cardboard and made it look like stucco, so I may see how that looks and do a couple run throughs, maybe even use foam board or hard board (since I have a lot of both).

Here's some more pictures of Nogales and the houses that I'm building. I have some sketches and pictures of the trucks I still have to upload, COMING SOON!

NOTE::: The 2nd picture needs to be clicked on to really see it...

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