Thursday, November 11, 2010


Mexico is really coming along now and I have finally gotten all the glue off my hands to type about it. As you can see in the video updates, the pink foam was all carved out and then spackled to fill the cracks. I spray painted the entire board, then I made a mixture of elmer's glue and water, painted it over the spray paint, and poured dirt and sand over it and spread it around. I placed and fit all the houses, added more sand and dirt and brushed away the excess. The walls were added and connected with stained wooden dowels.

The trees were made with twigs from trees and lichen for making miniature foliage. I mixed the colors of the lichen to suit my liking. I added rocks, sticks and stumps that I found in the floral section of the store (I think they were supposed to be like the pebbles you fill vases up with).

It's coming along. Take a look.

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